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by Brandon C. on The Launching Pad
Review from Alumnus

By the time I got to The Launching Pad, I was 35 years old, spent almost 3 years incarcerated in jail or prison and been to 17+ detox & treatment centers all as a direct result of my drug addiction.  I had reached a point to where I didn’t think anything could work for me and had resigned myself to a life of the same misery I had been putting myself and my loved ones through for years. It was obvious that what I had been doing wasn’t working, but I didn’t know any other way.Tarek and the staff of men at TLP showed me just that -new way to live. They gave me and the other guys clear-cut instructions on what it means to really be a man in recovery and how to incorporate the things we learned into our lives. Before, I had always looked at treatment as something I had to do and was always in a rush to “hurry up and finish” so I could get back to my “normal” life. Now, I know this is a lifelong journey for me and I’m excited about what the future holds.Sure, there were nice amenities; the different fun activities we did as a group, the good food we had provided, the nice apartment we stayed in and all those things helped make the process much more comfortable, but the real value of The Launching Pad to me is how they showed me to make the 12 Steps a working part of my life. Today, I am a helpful, productive member of my family, friends, and community and I owe a huge part of that to what I learned while I was here. I would highly recommend TLP to anyone struggling with addiction, especially those who have tried other methods and still can’t seem to stay clean.

by Casey B. on The Launching Pad

When I reached The Launching Pad, I had experienced multiple attempts at sobriety/recovery and failed. I wasn't sure what my next step was. The staff was extremely accommodating and I felt at home right away. I was able to get fully immersed in the 12-step program including Sponsorship, a recovery network (a group of guys that I am accountable with), a meeting schedule, tons of knowledge about this illness, recovery audio, and most importantly, a connection with God. I was able to regenerate myself spiritually and through that power, I was able to work all twelve steps and start building a manageable life with meaning and purpose.
I had fun at the Pad! We ate good healthy food, worked out at the gym all week, had recreational activities on the weekends (Dinner & Movies, Bowling, Top Golf, Sky Diving just to name a few). I had the pleasure of attending multiple recovery workshops and spent a weekend at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Ga. My 6 months at The Pad were magnificent and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. I can't thank Tarek and the staff enough for everything they have done for me.
I would highly recommend The Launching Pad to anyone struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

by Kevin R. on The Launching Pad

I completed the 6-month program at the launching pad and it was a positive experience overall. The structure of the program was intense at first but I can see now how important and necessary it was for my recovery. The staff is great and passionate about what they do. I am forever grateful for my experience at the launching pad and for the meaningful relationships I built while I was there.

by Jim H. on The Launching Pad

I am very grateful for The Launching Pad Recovery Center...especially for Tarek, the Director and his staff for contributing to the positive, visible change in our son.  TLP's blend of material programs coupled with their consistent, personal interaction and accountability with participants is very effective. I believe that has been the key to our son's positive transformation.  TLP is equipping him to make wise choices, not only so he will experience positive consequences, but to extend beyond himself and serve others in their journey.  I highly recommend The Launching Pad Recovery Center!

by Randy Kintz on The Launching Pad
A second chance.

While I was a client at Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center for detox I did an entire history with my counselor and afterward, she said, "seems to me that you have faked your way through every program you have ever attended". She was right, I definitely had. I honestly didn't know if this time would be different, but something in me felt ready, and that was all I needed to allow God to change my life drastically. My counselor said that if I was ready to give recovery a shot then she had a great place for me to go and it was in the Atlanta area. I was excited, but just as much terrified.Being high or drunk since age 13, I didn't have any idea how to live life without the drugs or alcohol, but I was soon going to learn. I arrived at The Launching Pad with only a very small piece of me being ready and willing to give recovery a chance. That small piece of willingness and readiness was blown up 1,000 times after I had to go to jail for some past legal issues that The Launching Pad helped me work through and stay accountable toward during my stay here. After a messy situation going into jail I had finally hit a place where recovery was my only option.When I came back to The Launching Pad from jail I was welcomed back with open arms and love that I had never experienced before. The staff here, is in my opinion, is so much more helpful than someone who hasn't experienced addiction and recovery first hand. With their knowledge and experience and guidance, I was introduced to a life worth living. A lot of times I heard things I didn't want to hear, but they were things I needed to hear. I learned how to have honest and transparent relationships with people in recovery, how to manage time and money, how to meditate, how to pray, and so much more that would take an eternity to describe. They hooked me up with a sponsor who I have grown incredibly close to and who has helped guide me through the steps.Through the steps, meetings, friendships, one on one counseling, accountability, group sessions, and so much more, I have been able to cultivate a relationship with Spirit that has saved my life. I am truly grateful for every aspect of this program and to be a resident at The Launching Pad has been an absolute blessing. All I needed was a willingness to do this and the rest came. My life has been saved and I have been given a new lease on life, and it's all because of the relationship with My Creator that The Launching Pad and its staff has helped me cultivate and maintain.

by Jay H. on The Launching Pad
The Launching Pad

My personal experience with The Launching Pad and their staff was life-changing.My journey has taken me through several recovery and treatment programs. Each attempt I made at sobriety and recovery was, in my opinion, honest and sincere- I truly wanted to stop using for the rest of my life but I was never equipped with the hard facts about myself and my disease. I have tried all sorts of different avenues in recovery- ranging from health/ wellness, job changes, friend changes, religious changes, none of which were able to produce a permanent change to bring about lifelong recovery. This program introduced me to the 12 Step process of recovery, rooted in spiritual principles and service to others.In my experience, I made a decision to live life on a spiritual basis, took inventory of my character defects and false belief systems, and began a course of action that forced me to take ownership of my life and take find the truth that I, myself am the problem, not drugs or alcohol. This program and the amazing staff took me by the hand and guided me through this process with love and compassion. I identified with the men who became my teachers, like spoke my language, they used like I used and had found an effective solution and that was attractive to me, I wanted what they had. This program has placed me into the direct flow of God and his ever-present power like never before.I am so thankful for this place because previous programs I have attended were mere shelters or safe havens, sheltering me away from the world and everyday life. This program was exactly what I needed because I was allowed to begin the 12 steps, gain employment, work and attend meetings while still have a stable and accountable structure. I was able to live a more "normal" life as opposed to beginning sheltered away then released back into society not equipped with the necessary tools to succeed.

by Susan E. on The Launching Pad
The Launching Pad

I can wholeheartedly recommend The Launching Pad for men in need of recovery.My son has battled addiction for a decade. He has been in and out of hospitals and multiple recovery programs, some of them better than others. Some programs have focused exclusively on a medical approach, doing little more than prescribing whole new sets of drugs to “counteract” the effects of addiction. Some have focused on creating an ideal “environment”, others on a complete change of heart and/or the AA program.The advantage we found at The Launching Pad, was the central focus of the AA program within a supportive and structured environment that included continued participation in the real world. Tarek, Ross and the TLP team have been among the best out there at doing what they’ve promised to do, holding the men in the program accountable, and teaching more than just “stay clean”.Tarek and team provided support and instruction around creating and maintaining a budget; they helped my son acquire a job that provides an appropriate level of challenge for his current phase; they maintain a highly-structured schedule and stable living arrangements. They are fantastic communicators and do what they say they will do. (Many of the programs we have tried simply do not provide the services they promise despite their excessive price-tags.) In addition, they encourage bonds that last long past the time spent in the program, welcoming former residents at meetings and events where they can maintain the vital connections established while in residence; they have become like family.My son already “knew” the significance of the 12 steps and the tenants of the AA program, however, at TLP he could fully engage with the program, examine his own belief system, and make the necessary adjustments to embrace the changes of mind that were required for him to battle this disease successfully.I am proud to say that he is doing wonderfully and remains connected to his TLP friends. He’s also reconnecting meaningfully with his family and other significant, supportive and helpful friends – a step not possible for him before TLP.Tarek, Ross and the team will forever have my gratitude.

by Mark H. on The Launching Pad
The Launching Pad

I've been attempting recovery for a few years now but never have had an experience like I've had at The Launching Pad.The staff here helped me out incredibly with hitting the 12 steps quickly and thoroughly and then carrying the message of hope to others as well. I was very anti-12-step for a long time, but after becoming truly willing, this program has shown me that it does work and that I can not only be sober but amend relationships, be of use to others, be connected with something greater, learn to make friends and talk to people, live life, and especially be ok with myself.In addition to step work, they've helped me manage time and finances, secure a job, plan for school, and exposed me to enough that I can have fun in life doing things I was not doing before. I've had many struggles during my time here, but as long as I was open and honest about the struggles, the staff was always there to guide me and help me grow from experiences as well.The guidance this program has to offer is incredible. I don't where I'd be without this program, but I am especially grateful to be where I am now.Thank you TLP!

by Lewis and Karen H, parents of a TLP Alumnus on The Launching Pad
Thanks TLP!

Our adult son recently completed The Launching Pad’s (TLP) six-month program, and we are writing this to let other parents know that we were very pleased with TLP’s program. This was not our son’s first treatment program; he has been in multiple treatment programs over the past four years and has experienced multiple relapses. TLP was recommended to our son after his most recent relapse.Initially, he was very reluctant about the TLP’s six-month commitment. However, after visiting TLP, talking to the Tarek and the staff, and talking with the men in the program, he decided that he did need to try something different and committed to TLP. We (the parents) liked the TLP’s focus on the whole person right from the start. We knew that our son needed more support in early recovery than a ¾ residence could offer.The first two months of the TLP program are quite intense, the men are kept very busy working on their step work, attending meetings, exercising, eating healthy and getting actively involved in the recovery community. It was very scheduled, but yes, they do have fun too! After two months or so, they are allowed to work or attend school, so long as the schedule doesn’t interfere with the required events and meetings. In our son’s case, TLP helped him find a job at a warehouse. After four months or so, they begin thinking about their transition out of TLP. During this period the staff provided additional mentoring and training on life skills, including finances and budgeting.Throughout the program, the TLP staff is actively checking their progress and looking out for signs of trouble. The growth in our son during his six-month stay at the TLP was truly amazing. He has regained his health, developed a new confidence in himself and seems to finally understand what it means to live a full and happy life in recovery. Thanks, TLP!

by Matthew H. on The Launching Pad
TLP Testimonial etc

This is a program for addicts or alcoholics who are ready for something different. If you're looking for an easier, softer way, as we all do at some point, then I would not recommend this program. You will be taken through the 12 steps quickly and pushed into a life of recovery, unity, and service.The launching pad essentially helps to build a foundation, and I promise you, this is not necessarily comfortable at all times. If you're reading this, the real question I would be asking is, "am I willing to go to any length?" Because the truth is, regardless of where we go we must be willing to seek and take action in this program.The launching pad is a 12-step emergence program, and, basically, the way I see it, it's a recovery residence that provides a safe, supportive environment to do the 12 steps of alcoholics/cocaine anonymous and to begin taking the action necessary. A good portion - if not all of the workshops that take place - are based out of the AA Big Book. Why? Because "rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path".My experience has shown that the 12 steps and TLP have played a very vital part in my recovery today. And, honestly, it's because I've been willing to submit to a way other than my own. Are you?

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