Meet Our Team

Tarek Khalil | Executive Director

I have been continuously clean and sober since November 5, 2007. I am active in Recovery (12 Steps), Unity (Fellowship) and Service (Sponsorship). The Twelve Steps are the modality I use to keep my addiction to cocaine and alcohol arrested. I do believe there are other ways to recover from addiction but in my experience I tried the educational and clinical models of treatment as well as therapy and none of these, by themselves, worked. I wanted to stop but I could not on my own. I was a chronic relapser who was beyond human aid. My recovery required a conversion, transformational experience which the steps generated. They created a personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from addiction and a broken internal condition. Once I established my foundation using the 12 Steps, I combined the steps with therapy which enabled me to deepen my human and spiritual experience.

I spent my formative years in Atlanta, GA; I graduated from Emory University with a BA in Economics in 1999; and in July 2010, I received an MBA from Kennesaw State University with concentrations in Management and Leadership. My professional career includes experience with Aflac, Prudential, Century Business Systems and Mid America Metals.

I have experience in the following areas: Recovery, Leadership, Insurance Sales, Service Sales, Non-Qualified Benefit Plans, Client Services, Relationship Management and Team Management.

I enjoy helping others, reading, spending time with family and friends, traveling, live music and exploring spirituality.

Ross Garrett | Recovery Mentor

I was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia. I was highly active in both school and sports throughout my youth. When my addiction began to take over, the pursuit of playing college sports quickly diminished. I studied business management at Georgia Southern University until my addiction bankrupted me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I was brought to a place of complete hopelessness and desperation.

After spending my twenties in and out of rehabs and institutions, I finally reached a turning point and became willing to do whatever I had to do to save my life. Shortly after I submitted to the program of action required by the Twelve Steps, I came to the realization that no human aid was going to save me. I tried countless vain attempts, my way, to control my using. I moved to Alaska, I tried medicinal approaches, and tried to stay clean and sober for others, but to no avail. My experience abundantly confirmed to me that I did not have to power to keep myself clean and sober.

God intervened, and through working the steps I cultivated a relationship with a God of my understanding. I have mended relationships with my family and friends and I have been able to share my experience with others. My dark past has become my greatest asset. It allows me to have depth and weight with men who are also struggling with their own addictions. I am able to show others precisely how I recovered from a seemingly hopeless condition of body and mind.

I enjoy playing sports, live music, and cultivating relationships with friends, family and God.

Elric Moulton | Recovery Mentor

I was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, raised in a small town of about 5,000. I did very well in school and remained active in sports until I graduated at sixteen years old. To my family, my future held much promise.

Upon leaving high school my experimentation with drugs and alcohol evolved into a physical dependence. I began traveling the country, doing whatever was necessary to maintain a constant state of altered consciousness. Throughout this time, no consequences I was faced with were sufficient to get me to stop. After becoming homeless for several years, something inside me clicked. I had reached a state of hopelessness and conceded to my innermost self that I was beyond human aid. It was then that I finally sought help.

Working the 12 Steps has allowed me to built and nurture a relationship with a God of my own understanding, I now see that my life experience was not a mistake and that God got me sober to help others. I have a unique set of experiences that allow me to connect with other men who are in the depths of a similar struggle. It is through working with other addicts and alcoholics that has given my life a purpose.

Today I work in the field of recovery. I like to see live music, go hiking, meet new people, and travel in my spare time. God has granted me the gift of a life that is fuller than I ever could have conceived.

Hunter Tierney | Recovery Tech

I was born in Charlottesville Virginia, shortly after moved to Atlanta, Georgia as and settled in Marietta, where I grew up. I'm adopted by my grandparents. In school, I was in special education classes which molded the way I viewed myself and the way I thought others saw me. I began to experience a sense of separation from everyone and everything.

In high school, this feeling intensified and I began to search for a solution. Partying began to take exhilarating part in my life and I marijuana became my solution then my drug usage took a different route when I discovered opiates. I dropped out of high school, got my GED but I lived to get high and got high to live. There were many hospital, detox and treatment trips. After incarceration, I discovered heroin. Shortly thereafter, my drug use reached epic proportions; further consuming everything I owned and everyone who cared about me.

I finally reached a point of desperation and entered the 12-step rooms looking for an answer but I wasn't ready. After another horrible experience, almost dying and burning everything to the ground, I finally had my surrender experience in which I discovered that although I can recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body, recovery is an ongoing process that will continue for my lifetime. My sobriety date is January 1, 2015. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for this deal (12 Steps) because it works.

I've wanted to work in the recovery field because me experience with addiction qualifies me to show others what I did to recover. I didn't know how to get my foot in the door but then as God would have it, an opportunity at The Launching Pad presented itself. I am so grateful for this new part of my journey.

In my spare time I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, lift weights, and shoot pool.