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Recovery from Addiction Through Structured Sober Living

The Launching Pad - Tarek Khalil

Tarek Khalil - Founder

Structured Sober Living

As Program Director and a recovered member of Twelve Step fellowships, I believe addiction is a problem that centers in the mind, but more importantly, in a broken internal condition that one cannot remedy on their own. After countless vain attempts, I discovered the only effective approach was a spiritual program of action requiring tremendous discipline and accountability. When crushed by a self-imposed crisis, I experienced the hopelessness of Step 1. Paradoxically, hope emerged from this place of hopelessness when I realized I could do nothing to solve the problem. I became willing to go to any extreme for victory over addiction. Permanent recovery requires this attribute and our structured, recovery based sober living forces our residents to submit to a way other than their own. This is the key ingredient in recovery from addiction.

Permanent Recovery is Possible

By describing myself as “recovered” I do not mean cured but the symptoms of addiction, loss of control once I start and an inability to stay away from the first drink or drug no matter how great the necessity or the wish, have been arrested. But if the main problem (broken internal condition) is not treated on a continuous basis using the Twelve Steps, the thought to drink or use will return and we’re off to the races again. My teachers shared with me a process and system that produced sustainable recovery and sobriety, which had been unattainable until then. This course of action (The Twelve Steps) generated a personality change sufficient in bringing about recovery from addiction. Our addiction recovery program emphasizes the necessity of a conversion experience which will change the individual, giving him a new way of living and thinking.

Drugs and Alcohol are only a Symptom of the Problem

Selfishness and self-centeredness are the root of the problem. An addicts character must be refined to bring about recovery. The Twelve Step process in and of itself creates the change. At The Launching Pad, we strongly believe the key to our freedom lies in solidifying a foundation rooted in the Twelve Steps. In addition, we offer a method which hones and polishes several vital life skills, such as accountability, responsibility, discipline, physical fitness, proper diet, resume building, interview skills and basic financial literacy. You and your loved one can recover and be given the power to help others. Upon this foundation, a happy and purposeful life can be built.

Tarek Khalil
Founder and Executive Director