Our Recovery Program

A Structured Sober Living Environment

The Launching Pad provides an opportunity to men seeking permanent recovery from an addiction to any mind-altering substance. Our modality is a structured, 3 Phase, spiritual and sober living environment that focuses on the healing of their bodies and the transformation of their minds. Simply, The Launching Pad’s model is recovery, experientially and spiritually based.

We are not a traditional Halfway House. The Launching Pad uses a proven process that generates a personality change sufficient to bring about recovery from an addiction to any mind-altering substance. In our experience, a conversion process is required to achieve permanent recovery. The Twelve Steps create the transformation in the individual and our recovery program provides the framework that increases the chance for success.

On this solid foundation, rooted in the Twelve Steps, we will build our residents’ skills in goal setting, accountability, discipline, responsibility, physical fitness, healthy living, financial literacy, resume building and interviewing. We will have in-depth discussions with our residents regarding the challenges they face each day and the trials and low-spots they may encounter once they leave. We will provide our residents with a clear blueprint to follow – placing recovery at the forefront of their lives. If recovery is not their number one priority, they will lose everything they place ahead of it. These men will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it, they will use it to help others.

The Launching Pad offers a structured recovery environment developed to increase the resident’s chance to achieve victory over and freedom from the deadly illness of addiction.

Monthly Fees Cover the Following:
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • WiFi
  • Cable
  • Phone
  • Weekly Groceries
  • Recreational Activities such as Skydiving, Paint Ball, Bowling, Skyzone, Dinner & Movie, Braves Games, Hawks Games, River Rafting, Indoor Rock Climbing and more
  • 24/7 Full Time Staff
  • 3 Group Sessions per day (M-F) during Phase I
  • Weekly One-On-One Session
  • Monthly Family Session
  • Life Skills Classes
  • LA Fitness Membership
  • Transportation during Phase I
  • Our Core Values


    We say what we will do and we do what we say we will do


    Our actions must back up our decisions


    We are undisciplined; the twelve steps teach us discipline


    We take responsibility for our lives; all of our problems are of our own making


    Enlightened self-interest — the best way to get ours is to make sure everyone else gets theirs first


    Seek first to understand then we shall be understood


    We always do our best


    Now that we’re clean and sober, what are we doing to make the world a better place?