Addiction Recovery

Over the past year, many individuals have asked me, “is The Launching Pad a sober living program?” To answer this questions with a “yes” would be inaccurate. We are a hybrid between a sober living program and a residential addiction recovery program. The structure and regimen infused into our first 60 days make it impossible to refer to us as a sober living program; but, after the first phase, our residents do transition into a highly structured sober living environment.

In our first phase, recovery is a 9 to 5 job with extracurricular activities. We structure Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm with the following: prayer and meditation group, breakfast, morning workshop, study hall, lunch, CrossFit or LA Fitness, afternoon workshop, free time, dinner, meeting with a sponsor and a 12 step meeting. Residents take one night off during the week. Saturday’s start at 9 am and include prayer and meditation group, accountability groups (Phase II & III), mandatory community meeting, recreational activity, and yoga every other Saturday. We reserve Sunday’s for decompression, visitation and community service the fourth Sunday of the month. Residents complete the first eight steps and begin making amends by the end of the first 60 days. Our goal is that each resident sets a firm foundation in recovery before they begin to seek employment or return to school.

They spend the second phase honing and polishing their spiritual tool kit which includes repairing damaged relationships and exploring prayer and meditation. We allow our residents to work 32 hours a week but they’re required to take Thursday’s off to attend Life Skills Class which introduces them to resume building, goal setting, basic financial literacy, and budgeting. Residents attend required 12 step meetings, accountability group, community meeting, recreational activities, yoga and community service.

By the time our residents reach Phase III, the last two months of their stay, they’re ready to begin carrying the message of recovery rooted in the twelve steps. The Launching Pad helps carry meetings to two detox facilities. We rotate our residents giving each of them an opportunity to experience the most rewarding aspect of recovery – using their dark past to help other men find hope. This is the main foundation stone in our program – giving our men the tools they need to be effective sponsors. Nothing ensures immunity against the first drink or drug like intensive work with other addicts and alcoholics. It keeps them on the firing line of life; it gives them a sense of purpose; and becomes the bright spot of their lives. They use their dark past to help other men avert death; finally giving meaning to their struggles with addiction.

After completing our six-month addiction recovery program, our alumni will have a solid foundation in recovery; so, when the trials and low spots of life hit, they may fall but if their foundation is solid, they will never fall beneath the foundation. They will survive these certain struggles through work and self-sacrifice for others.