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Freedom from alcohol and drug addiction is a reality. Are you ready to experience it through sober living?

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Our son has been in The Launching Pad Recovery Program since October 2016. He completed his six-month contract with The Launching Pad in April 2017 and has made the decision to stay in the “Transitions Program” at The Launching Pad. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Tarek and his staff for the program and the genuine caring and concern that they have shown our son. The structure within the three phases of the program is exactly what our son needed in his recovery. The spiritual aspects, recovery meetings, financial training, community environment living, along with the structure of each phase have contributed to our son making a total change in his life. He realized that he was powerless to his addictions and had to turn his life over to a higher power to successfully live a life of recovery. We realize it is a lifelong journey, but feel that The Launching Pad has provided our son the tools he needs to live a productive, meaningful life so that he can be of service to others and his community. Thank You is never enough words to express our gratitude. Please, if you have a loved one battling addiction, please contact The Launching Pad. It is our wish that every family battling this disease could experience the positive outcome that our son has experienced. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for our son.

Melanie R. -   Mother of a TLP Alumnus

Our Mission

To provide a sober living environment grounded in the growth and maintenance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sobriety.

Our sober living aims to help each man recover from addiction and claim his position as a productive member of society.

Our Vision

The Launching Pad believes the Twelve Steps are the foundation stone for permanent recovery. In addition, we emphasize that abstinence from mind-altering substances is only the beginning of the recovery process. Our sober living  teaches and requires residents to practice several key life skills including, but not limited to: discipline, responsibility, accountability, honest communication, goal setting, vision and intent, financial literacy, resume building and interviewing.​

At The Launching Pad, we help men understand the importance of living an honest life — to do what you say, and say what you do.

Sober Living

Our sober living is rooted in The Twelve Steps. We are not a typical sober living program nor are we a halfway house. Traditional sober living programs, even ones that are twelve stepped based, do not have the structure or step-work framework we do in Phase I of our sober living which lasts for 60 days.

Sober Living at TLP includes a twelve step immersion program. We use an approved list of 25 sponsors. We assign each resident a sponsor he can identify with in regards to the main problem substance and other life experiences. These men use the twelve steps as outlined in our Basic Text. In turn, we act as an oversight committee setting appointments, deadlines and holding our residents accountable using our timeline for step work.

Most traditional sober living programs do not offer twelve step immersion and halfway houses definitely don’t. So, if you’re looking for a transitional living program, we emphatically encourage you to visit any place you’re interested in and ask as many questions as possible.

Sober living should be much more then living with others who are trying to stay clean and sober, working, and going to meetings. TLP’s sober living stresses the importance of submitting to a way other you’re your own, working the steps, getting involved in the unity of the 12 step community and sponsorship. This is our model for recovery and we know it works from personal experience.


To throw something or someone forward in a forceful way; to give a person a start; to release, catapult or send off


A situation or period of time when there is a new interest in something that has not been popular in a long time​


Friendship, support and understanding between men. Open-minded, transparent, respectful and accountable dialogue among individuals sharing their experience with a specific path and life situations

Our 3-Phase Sober Living Approach







Admission Criteria

The Launching Pad must follow certain admission criteria in order for you to be considered for entry into our sober living program. Please click the button to find out what more about what is required. 

Ready to experience freedom from alcohol and drug addiction? Sober living will get you there. Try our model.

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